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FIXED EPHEMERA: a dream journal


ART OPENING: THE GLASHAUS, 1815 Main Street, San Diego, CA 92113

11 SEPTEMBER, 2015 6:30 PM – all evening; refreshments offered

“Fixed Ephemera: A Dream Journal” by San Diego artist Brenda Cox Giguere opens to the public at a reception on September 11, 2015 at the Glashaus art collective beginning at 6:30 PM. Music and refreshments will be offered throughout the evening at this solo show featuring the artist’s current paintings and sculptural works as well as site-specific installation pieces.

Ms. Giguere draws on an idosyncratic iconography—masks, fans, books, cameras, boxes and file drawers, personal ephemera, moon and stars, windows, trees, and a variety of her intricate handmade miniature creations—for works that explore a personal narrative of dreams, memories, and what she refers to as “times touching”.

Soft, ethereal color fields on canvas suggesting the onset of inner visions coexist with sculptural assemblage pieces, with the disciplines occasionally overlapping.

Originally from the California Bay Area, Ms. Giguere studied art at U.C. Berkeley as well as fashion design, English, psychology, and theater arts at Diablo Valley College.

Sharing her time between art and writing, she is currently working on a four-volume novel, “The Mirrorclock Papers”.

Always interested in dreams and consciousness studies, she has kept a dream journal for decades. For a time she was associated as an enthusiastic amateur with top, reputable researchers in lucid dream studies, helping prepare study summaries and penning articles designed to interest the public in the intriguing world of deliberate consciousness during sleep. She has spent time in a sleep chamber at Stanford University with electrodes tracking her brain waves, and gave presentations on lucid dreaming with colleagues at conferences. During a particularly busy period, activities included a brief appearance on Good Morning America and being quoted in WIRED magazine.

Since 1986 she has worked in the film and video world primarily in art department roles: makeup artist, costume designer, and set decorator. She designed and created the memorable makeup and costumes for the cult film, “Clownhouse”.

When creating art pieces she feels like an archaeologist or time traveler. “I can still vividly remember many of my childhood dreams,” she disclosed recently in an interview. “It’s interesting to me how consistent my personal iconography has been across the decades. I remember telling my mother how frustrating it was that I couldn’t bring things back from the dream world. In a sense, that’s part of what I do when I create art pieces. The word ‘dream’ is something I use to mean both night experiences and aspirations,” she continues. “Particularly when I create miniatures, I am addressing a longing going back to childhood. My sister and I would create elaborate doll rooms in the living room, always wishing we had more resources and more sophisticated skills. I like to connect that past with my current life and bring a sense of completion. My touchstones are the same now as they were then.”

In addition to the exhibit in the Glashaus main space, Ms. Giguere will be offering an array of additional treasures upstairs at her studio the evening of the reception and by appointment. “Fixed Ephemera: A Dream Journal” will be on display at The Glashaus, 1815 Main Street, San Diego until October 4, 2015. Please go to for information about hours or with any questions, or inquire with the artist directly by email at

BRENDA COX GIGUERE  858.342.8635